February 18, 2017

About Us


Tracy Cadorine is the owner of Coaching Beat. She has over 15 years experience as a behavioral change expert. Tracy’s business background includes sales, customer service, hospitality, contact centers, outsourcing, global teams and virtual workforces.

Her educational background and experience are focused on people development, including: coaching, training, performance management, organizational deveolpment, change management, consulting, team building, group facilitation, use of assessment tools and 360 degree feedback.


Whether working with individuals or organizations, successful behavioral change starts at the person level. Organizations are successful with changed expectations when a critical mass of team members has adopted the change.

For this reason, Coaching Beat focuses on the individual’s experience of change through coaching interventions. This means organizations will experience the organizational level benefits while their team members are able to experience the individual benefits.

To complement coaching initiatives, Coaching Beat also offers a full spectrum of project management and talent development capabilities. Click here to see all of our services.


Tracy is on the Board of Directors for the International Coaching Federation, North Texas chapter. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas Organizational Development and Coaching Masters degree program. Tracy is also a Certified Professional of Learning and Performance through the Association of Talent Development.

These connections allow Coaching Beat to scale up with qualified coaching, leadership development, learning and organizational development professionals based on individual client organization needs.

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