Coaching Beat – Behind the Name

All my life, a certain type of person has stood out to me as someone to admire and emulate. These people are all around us.  They are the people who have the courage to be uniquely themselves.  As my Mom would say, “They march to their own beat.”  A warm smile and affectionate crinkle of the eyes would often accompany this statement. To this day, it is a phrase from my childhood that fills me with a sense of possibility.

Each of us has the opportunity to find our own beat, our own rhythm in life.  I believe a more engaged and fulfilled life results from connecting with our own purpose and motivators.  In turn, when we are more motivated and purpose-filled, we are better contributors to our communities and organizations.

If we don’t take the time to discover what inspires us, others will create the music to which we live.  We risk being untrue to ourselves: our values, our beliefs and our dreams.  Even worse, we become disconnected from who we are and what we want.  We live as a cog in a machine of someone else’s making, creating conditions for apathy, discontent, resentment and even bitterness.

Coaching helps you connect to what gives you energy, what motivates you, what drives you to move forward.  It connects you to your unique beat. Once the connection is made, then coaching becomes about moving from a current reality to an envisioned future.

“Marching to your own beat” does not have to be anarchist or defiant.  We can each march to our own beat and still march together.  Imagine all the different instruments of a symphony orchestra coming together to create beautiful music.  Coaching Beat serves individuals and the business community by using coaching techniques to instill the energized confidence we see from people who know who they are and know what matters to them.  We then leverage that energy to pursue goals.

In short, great things come from having the courage to, “March to your own Beat”, which is why I chose Coaching Beat as my company name.

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