February 21, 2017

Let’s Talk!

Are you ready to pursue a coaching solution? Are you looking for more detail before you get started? If so, talking to Coaching Beat is your next step.

I'm excited to start this process with you and look forward to having a conversation about your vision for the future. Book a complimentary time for us to discuss your specifics and preview the coaching process.   Use the calendar below to schedule a 30 minute time that best works for you.  

How to use the Calendar

  1. Do not change the auto-filled Location, Service and Provider information
  2. Select the date of your choice
  3. Choose the time slot that works for you
  4. Add notes about what you would like to achieve in our initial meeting
  5. Fill out your contact information
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  7. An email will be set to you confirming your appointment along with details on how we will contact you

If you need to change an already scheduled time, please email us at info@coachingbeat.com
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