February 18, 2017

Organizational Change Coaching

"Tracy listens for ways to help both people and the business bottom-line before proposing solutions. She has a unique talent for quickly gathering and synthesizing information into patterns to create meaningful answers to change management problems. She cares about people and she cares about results. From an operations perspective, this makes her an ideal partner for learning, coaching and change management challenges."

-Sean Ablett, Vice President Reservation Sales, Hilton Worldwide
VP of Reservation Sales for Hilton Worldwide
The rate of change in organizations is fast. To meet this need, organizations need to be able to inspire mid-level and lower-level leadership to see the need for change and adapt their behaviors to a new set of norms. Coaching Beat works with organizations to help leaders at all levels create change.

Organizations are successful with changed expectations when a critical mass of team members has adopted the change. For this reason, Coaching Beat focuses on the individual’s experience of change through coaching interventions. This means organizations will experience organizational benefits while their team members are able to experience individual benefits. To complement coaching initiatives, Coaching Beat also offers a full spectrum of project management and talent development capabilities.
An organization might benefit from partnership with Coaching Beat in situations where demand for change outpaces capability or availability of resources to support organizational members through change implementation.

For example, when:
  • Wanting to establish coaching as an effective tool in an organization’s behavioral change toolkit
  • Making a culture shift in the organization
  • Struggling to adapt team members to new behaviors
  • Closing gaps in skills or competencies of workforce (examples: communication skills, prioritization skills, coaching skills, etc.)
  • Developing talent pipelines for high performance, high potential team members, or
  • Establishing talent development content and processes

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