White Paper – 4 Ways to Make Coaching Engagements More Effective

Attached is a white paper based on capstone work done for my Masters degree which was completed in December 2016.  There are 2 sections that I think would be of particular interest for businesses.  At the beginning of the paper, on pages 4-10, is an explanation of the why a gap exists between perceived usefulness or coaching solutions and organizations’ willingness to invest.  A solution to this gap is discussed on pages 10-11.

The end if the paper summarizes the findings of the research.  As copied from pages 23-24,

Based on the findings around the factors, four specific actions would align coaching engagements to cultural conditions that are more conducive to organizational success in addition to individual success: (a) set up time for reflection as part of the coaching agreement with the individual, individual’s manager and the sponsor of the project; (b) assess supportiveness, fairness and sharing information freely prior to onset of coaching engagement. If these factors are not present, include these as topics in the coaching agreement with the individual, individual’s manager and organizational sponsor; (c) set up group coaching in addition to individual sessions to create a team-oriented environment; and (d) build bonding observances into the coaching agreement that allow time for connection outside of the task at hand.

For the complete study, please click on this link.

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